Thanks for coming to my Playing the Path to #Success Session!

I want to personally thank you for attending my session and really making it a fun and dynamic session. You guys put in 100% and it showed through your stories and participation. We only had 2 tight hours (and a bit), but we got to have you experience the power of working in 3D. This is just one of the ways I use 3D modelling. I'm trying to conceptualize a session for next year, on doing strategy in 3D - it's just a challenge with a large group because you want everyone to have the same experience! So the cogs are spinning in my head, and we'll see if we can come up with something! I'm always open to hearing your suggestions and ideas. So feel free to get in touch!


We're going to make a video from the clips we took. If you'd like a copy of the digital video - just sign up here (don't worry, you won't end up being on some mailing list). It's just easier than manually having to add people one by one - and we'll send you the link to it once we've finished editing it. We'll probably also have photos. So just enter your details below to get it.

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Below is the video of an exercise or two you can use with the duck kit that you received!!!

If you would like to have a session for your team or group, feel free to get in touch via the GET IN TOUCH button on the website.

I also invite you to check out our page!

Thanks again for coming to our session!