Rob Oddi is a high-energy, dynamic speaker and facilitator that uses multimedia, creativity, humour, storytelling and rich content to leave a lasting effect with audiences. His innovative engagement techniques and approaches leaves audiences always requesting Rob for their next events. 

I had the chance to work with Rob as our organization continues to transform. Rob is a highly-engaging change leader and speaker. We chose him as our opening keynote speaker at our recent town hall and the feedback from our executive team and employees told us that we made the right decision. He was a hit!
— Mark O'Connell President & CEO, Interac Corp
Rarely do I make a double take when listening to conference speakers, Rob Oddi was the exception. If you are looking for a highly energetic, inspiring, and action-provoking speaker you need to book Rob. Event owners looking for a break from the norm, and executives who want creative ways to make change real, hire Rob to capture a dose of his energy to infuse their businesses to greater profitability. One conversation with Rob and you will understand why.
— Val Wright, Global Innovation and Leadership Expert and Author of Thoughtfully Ruthless and The Innovation Trifecta.

Rob's previous speaking events & workshops have included:

  • DPI Professional Development Week - Ottawa, Ontario

  • Bank of Montreal

  • Canada Housing and Mortgage Corporation

  • SourceAmerica

  • Interac

  • CIO Retreat

  • Keynote - European Conference, Association of Change Management Professionals - London, UK.

  • Conference Board of Canada - Social Media and Engagement

  • Association of Change Management Professionals Toronto Chapter

  • ITSMF Ottawa

  • DPI Professional Development Week

  • Privy Council Office - Government of Canada

  • Canada Border Security Agency - Communications Branch

  • Industry Canada - Change Management

  • Ministry of Health, Government of Ontario

  • Ottawa-Gatineau ITSMF Conference

  • Ministry of Health, Government of Ontario - Summer Retreat

  • Association of Change Management Professionals - Canada Regional Conference




How to change the playing field by changing the culture

Organizations are now beginning to focus on 'change' but the singular lens perspective is creating short-term wins that are never lasting. Leadership teams are beginning to realize that to successfully change, the organization must be set-up for success. Organizations that focus on culture are those that are consistently rising to the top, succeeding at change, and winning in their respective categories. Recognizing that culture does indeed eat strategy for breakfast and that “corporate personality” is critical for success, you’re invited to learn how changing your organizational culture is the secret to achieving the results you desire.  This engaging and innovative session, packed with solid takeaways and multimedia will leave you enthused and ready to start a cultural revolution when you return to the office.



Organizations are spending millions to transition and transform. Service delivery models are changing, new frameworks are being adopted, and yet the results are consistently underwhelming. We are sending out more and more information for the brain to process often leaving the rest of the mind and body behind. The investment has focused on the organization as an entity but not on the relationships of its people. Yet knowing that individual reactions to change and communication is affected by how are brains are wired, why are we not capitalizing on powerful neuro-change experiences to successfully engage and empower our staff with the tools to succeed in their professional and personal relationships?

To successfully build winning teams and influence change with each other and our clients we must embrace the fact that communication is no longer about what we want people to know and do, but what rather what we want them to feel and experience. How can we take what the science tells us, to positively influence others and ignore their inner ‘change-maker’ to provide impactful and lasting peer relationships where both the individual, the groups, and the organization succeeds? This engaging session guaranteed to provide insight and 'aha' moments will leave individuals with innovative practical techniques and tools that can immediately be applied in dealings with colleagues and with clients. 



How to master the people side of change while being the change superstar your organization needs to transform

This interactive Change Masterclass will give you the tools and exclusive knowledge you will need to smash through outdated ideas of change to help not only assess, understand, and justify change initiatives, but to lead the innovative change that your organization needs. Featuring research, best practices, and trends, this presentation, content-rich with take-aways will give you the 'know how' and confidence to start leading the change the moment you get back to the office.

This session can also be delivered to prepare staff for change - to make them 'change-ready' and provide them a toolset to manage change in their professional and personal lives.



This workshop is designed to provide the outlet to have important conversations about what matters most. 

Utilizing key group coaching concepts and techniques, the outcomes and content resulting from this workshops will provide strategic guidance to management as to how to best manage change and to gain a better understanding of what works with your staff (resonance) and what does not when it comes to organizational change.

This interactive and collaborative discussion will allow attendees to share ideas, develop new perspectives and create solutions to help solve some of their most important challenges in this area. Using a variety of active and creative multimodal discovery formats such as peer-group discussion and visual representation; We will tap the tribal knowledge from participants.




The integration of change and project management disciplines continues to be a hot-topic as organizations become increasingly aware of the positive impact change management has on the successful delivery of key initiatives. This intersection of two critical disciplines requires a thoughtful, deliberate conversation within organizations as well as within the discipline themselves.

This interactive and collaborative workshop will allow attendees to share ideas, develop new perspectives and create solutions to help solve some of their most important challenges in this area. Using a variety of active and creative multimodal discovery formats such as peer-group discussion and visual representation; We will tap the tribal knowledge from participants.