In addition to the consulting and coaching Rob does for his clients, he acts as trusted advisors to top executives across the globe. Rob provides the clarity needed to significantly accelerate the speed and quality of their decision-making.  He acts as a sounding board and provides clients with a third-party objective view to quickly propel company leaders and their businesses forward. Rob's clients report immediate and dramatic improvement in both personal and company-wide performance.



Ongoing conversations that are regularly addressed in our discussions include:

  • How do I get my global team aligned with the stated goals of the organization?
  • What steps should our company be taking to communicate effectively with our internal and external stakeholders?
  • How can I improve our employee's interactions with our customers?
  • How do a foster a culture of innovation?
  • How do I know if I have the right team in place?
  • What do I need to do today to attract top talent that will stick around?
  • How do I prepare my organization to better manage change?
  • I need to go beyond traditional strategy to come up with an approach to get to the root of issues, how do I do that?
  • How do I plan an effective and powerful keynote speech?
  • How do I design and put an executive retreat in place?
  • How do we bring up our Employee Engagement scores and have our people feel valued?
  • How can I best leverage social media?
  • What do I personally need to do to be a better leader for my people and how can I get them to do the same for their employees?
  • What do I need to do to develop a team who are effective communicators?
  • I used to have fun at work, but no longer do. How do I put joy back in my work life again?
  • How do I work smarter so I can have more balance in my life?

Our conversations are candid. We don't waste time dancing around issues. We identify the root cause of a problem and the most direct solution. We build on strengths and help leaders do the same.

Executive Advisory services are designed with the client's best interest in mind. Some prefer direct access via phone, e-mail and Skype, while others desire face-to-face meetings, supported by phone, e-mail and Skype. Rob offers preferential pricing to organizations that enroll three or more executives in the program. GET IN TOUCH to begin a trusted advisor relationship today.